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Transforming Listings, Maximizing Impact

At White Oak Design Studio, we believe that staged homes have the power to captivate buyers and highlight a property's unique potential. Our comprehensive staging packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of sellers and real estate professionals. With our creativity and expertise, we aim to transform properties into inviting homes that attract potential buyers and maximize market value.

Staging Consultation

Our Staging Consultation package is perfect for clients seeking professional guidance on how to present their property best.

In this option, one of our staging specialists will conduct a thorough one-to-two-hour walkthrough of the property alongside the homeowner(s) to evaluate each room. We'll discuss personalized strategies for enhancing the aesthetic appeal using the existing furniture and decor.

Following the appointment, we'll provide a detailed staging report with room-by-room suggestions and photo examples to help visualize the transformation. Our team also offers follow-up support via text to answer any questions before professional listing photos.

Staging Consultation and Placement

Our Staging Consultation and Placement package includes everything in our comprehensive Staging Consultation, along with hands-on assistance in arranging furniture and decor to highlight your property's features. Our team will personally organize and stage your existing furniture to create a cohesive and inviting look that appeals to potential buyers. This package also includes a detailed consultation report with additional personalized suggestions, ensuring that your property is showcased to its fullest potential.

White Glove Engagement
Price Varies

Our White Glove Engagement is the ultimate in our staging services, tailored for clients who require a comprehensive transformation of their property. This premium package is fully customizable to meet each client's specific needs and goals, whether it involves any of the services offered in Option 1 or 2, adding a few accessories, or fully staging a vacant home. Each White Glove Engagement is thoughtfully planned to highlight the property's unique features, elevating its appeal and maximizing its potential on the market.

Ready to transform your property or listing? Contact us today to discover which staging package is right for you!

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