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At White Oak Design Studio, we believe our greatest asset is our people. Each member of our team brings a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and dedication to the table, coming together to create spaces that are as diverse and dynamic as the individuals we design for.


Co-Founder and Design Specialist

Sherla Tovar

Co-founder of White Oak Design Studio, Sherla thrives on bringing her client's visions to life with her signature flair. With a creative skill for connecting with people, her unique design touch transforms spaces into reflections of her clients’ aspirations. Passionate about every step of the process, Sherla relishes the opportunity to curate anything from a serene bedroom to a new kitchen. She draws endless inspiration from her travels and the diverse aesthetics she encounters, finding joy in discovering new design possibilities. Together with Heather, she leads the White Oak Design Studio team, creating spaces that embody elegance and her clients’ dreams.

(940) 783-1765

Co-Founder and Design Specialist

Heather Van Curen

Co-founder of White Oak Design Studio, Heather brings a unique perspective to the team through her deep understanding of the market, gained from her extensive experience as a real estate agent. Her expertise in staging and design helps guide each project to enhance both aesthetic appeal and market value. With a strategic approach and an eye for timeless style, Heather creates inviting spaces that align with each client's vision.

Together with Sherla, Heather leads the White Oak Design Studio team, blending creativity with her market-savvy mindset to deliver exceptional results. Her passion for excellence and dedication to her clients have shaped countless spaces into beloved, cherished environments.


(972) 672-0540

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Dana McBee

Design Coordinator

Lindsay Ray

Staging Coordinator and Specialist

Mary Mannis

Staging Specialist

Nicole Marenic

Staging Specialist

Alisan Mobley

Staging Specialist

Brittany Harmon

Staging Specialist

Lane McDaniel

Staging Specialist

Alexandra Tovar

Creative and Communications Lead

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